Company Profile

Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) has proven to be the single most powerful tool for development within the past years. It has become the bridge of communication among countries; a tool for creating a common language that opens opportunities, connects people, and creates channels for personal and country development (Geldof & Unwin 2005)
Silicon Harbour is a private initiative conceived by a team of professionals with the principal aim of developing first class ICT products and support services.

Our Mission

Silicon Harbour is dedicated to providing the expertise, services and solutions our clients require to meet their Information Technology & support services challenges and business goals

Our Core Values

Customer Focus and Care
We always strive to do what is best for our clients, thereby ensuring deep, long-lasting and profitable relationships with high quality companies

We emphasize integrity in every aspect of our business, resulting in a company that is trusted by our clients and other professionals and investors who we work with

An environment of excellence inspires us to do our very best every time. The resulting recognition inspires us to do even better the next time. This positive cycle is what we actively work to create and enhance in Silicon Harbour. Our aim is to inspire each of us at Silicon Harbour to produce work that ultimately delights us and every one of our customers

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